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Everything you know about Testosterone Propionate?

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Testosterone is a hormone and plays a vital role in the male body, and it is crucial for body function and normal operation in the male body. Lower testosterone may cause various side effects such as fatigue, depression, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and many more. So, to overcome this issue, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is the best option. And injectable testosterone, known as Testosterone Propionate, is the common way to increase testosterone levels in your body.

If you want to use testosterone propionate injection to deal with lower testosterone, you need to get detailed information about testosterone propionate. In this article, you will learn all about testosterone propionate injections and how it effectively treats men who are suffering from low testosterone.


What Is Testosterone Propionate?

Testosterone Propionate is an injectable and short-acting oil-based formulation of testosterone. It is commonly used for the treatment of androgenic deficiency. And it promotes anabolic effects on muscles. Testosterone inhibits secretion from the pituitary gland and ablates estrogen production, and this decreases estrogen levels. Testosterone Propionate is sold under the brand name Testoviron. It has also been used to treat women suffering from breast cancer.

Moreover, it promotes and maintains male sex characteristics. The active half-life cycle of testosterone propionate is only 4.5 days. That means you need to intake various injections every week to reach the desired testosterone levels. If you use them randomly or do not follow recommended doses, you may face various side effects. Testosterone Propionate is rarely used as medicine because it has a very short half-life. But according to a study, it is often used in scientific experiments.

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Testosterone Propionate Benefits

The main benefits of testosterone propionate injections are to treat men who are suffering from lower testosterone levels. When you follow recommended testosterone propionate cycle, you will get the various benefits as mentioned below:

  • It is a short-acting ester and faster compared to a long ester; patients may feel benefits quickly.
  • It can be used for very frequent doses.
  • It is a single ester injected every other day or daily to create stable blood levels.
  • It has the same cycling as other esters.
  • You experience good strength in the first week of the cycle and increase gradually at the end of the cycle.
  • It is available in injectable form and frequently allows dosing with less wastage.
  • It contains olive oil as a carrier, so it is suitable for those who have allergies or issues with Arachis and Castor oil.
  • It is used for medical treatments.
  • It helps to increase physical performance.
  • It helps to improve your strength and energy level.


Testosterone Propionate Cycles

You can find testosterone propionate for sale on various websites. The internet makes it easy for us to purchase any anabolic steroids online. Testosterone propionate is used to increase performance levels. So, if you follow the recommended doses, you will get the best outcome results. Testosterone propionate comes in the bottles at 1ml/100mg dose. Here we will cover the best cycles for beginners, intermediate users, and advanced users.

Beginner Cycle:

WeekTestosterone Propionate
Week 1100 mg
Week 2
Week 3100 mg
Week 4
Week 5100 mg
Week 6
Week 7100 mg
Week 8

Note: Testosterone Propionate is not advisable for beginners as these injections are painful and have to be administered frequently.

Intermediate Users Cycle:

WeekTestosterone Propionate
Week 1150 mg
Week 2
Week 3150 mg
Week 4
Week 5150 mg
Week 6
Week 7150 mg
Week 8


Testosterone Propinate 100mg/ml – 10ml – Euro Pharmacies

Testosterone Propionate is a product for a mass gain cycle.
Testosterone Propionate provides significant gains in mass and streng
th, but with the benefit of minimal water retention.




Advanced Users Cycle:

WeekTestosterone Propionate
Week 1200 mg
Week 2
Week 3200 mg
Week 4
Week 5200 mg
Week 6
Week 7200 mg
Week 8

You can use the above doses for every other day for 8 to 10 weeks. It is essential to use PCT at the end of the cycle. For PCT, you can use Nolvadex (20 to 40 mg per day). To get the maximum results, intermediate and advanced users can stack testosterone propionate with other compounds.


Testosterone Propionate Stacks

The best way to get effective results is stacking methods. You can stack Testosterone Propionate with Winstrol, Tren Acetate, and Materon. Here is the example of stacks:

WeekTestosterone PropionateWinstrol
Week 1100 mg per day60-80 mg per day
Week 2100 mg per day60-80 mg per day
Week 3100 mg per day60-80 mg per day
Week 4100 mg per day60-80 mg per day
Week 5100 mg per day60-80 mg per day
Week 6100 mg per day60-80 mg per day
Week 7100 mg per day
Week 8100 mg per day
Week 9100 mg per day
Week 10100 mg per day

To increase your muscles mass and strength, you need to stack Testosterone propionate with Anadrol and Equipoise. Here is the best cycle mentioned as below:

WeekTestosterone PropionateAnadrolEquipoise
Week 1600 mg per week50 mg per day300 mg per week
Week 2600 mg per week50 mg per day300 mg per week
Week 3600 mg per week50 mg per day300 mg per week
Week 4600 mg per week50 mg per day300 mg per week
Week 5600 mg per week300 mg per week
Week 6600 mg per week300 mg per week
Week 7600 mg per week300 mg per week
Week 8600 mg per week300 mg per week
Week 9600 mg per week300 mg per week
Week 10600 mg per week300 mg per week



Pack advanced cutting cycle – Testo-Prop/Equipoise/Winstrol – Mactropin

An example of a testosterone propionate, Winstrol and Equipoise cycle. This complete pack is ideal for your cutting cycle and to have a good muscle definition.


Testosterone Propionate Dosage

Testosterone Propionate is a short-acting fatty acid testosterone ester. You can inject it daily or every other day. The official recommended doses are 50mg two to three times per week. Blood level with 25 mg daily injections results is more closely near 20-25 nmol/L on the day or in the morning before the next injection.

Testosterone propionate is the best option for those who prefer to inject daily or alternate. When you use them frequently, it will provide stable levels. The above optimal and correct dose helps ensure you and gives the best results.


Side Effects Of Testosterone Propionate Cycle

The main thing you need to consider while taking treatment for lower testosterone, it carries potential side effects that may be mild or severe. But it is necessary that you should be aware of both of them before using them. Here are various side effects of this injection:

    • Headache
    • Decrease sperm count
    • Pain and swelling
    • Hair growth
    • Acne
    • Mood swings
    • Breast enlargement
    • Frequent erections
    • Liver problems
    • Heartattack and stroke
    • Cancer in prostate
    • Blood clots
    • Breathing problem
    • Polycythemia

Some of the above side effects are mild and temporary; they will gradually go away with time. So, if you feel mild side effects by using injections, you may need to wait for a few days to adjust your body. If you feel any harsh side effects, you need to consult your doctor immediately.


Where To Buy Testosterone Propionate?

Nowadays, various websites on the internet are selling different types of testosterone ester. You can buy testosterone propionate online from reputable sources. Only authentic products give you desirable results. Before buying testosterone propionate, you need to find the site where you can fully trace the product, manufacturing company, and other essential things.

It is essential to buy from reputable sources because many websites sell counterfeit products that give you no outcomes and waste your money. So, be aware of this type of product.



If you are suffering from a lower testosterone level and experience any symptoms of it, you need to consult your doctor and do an entire body check-up. According to your symptoms, they will prescribe you the best testosterone ester variations. Always remember all four variants of ester have a different active half-life, but they give the same benefits at the end of the cycles.

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